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3 Phase Problems

What is 3 Phase Electric Power?

3 Phase Electric power is very common method of generating an alternating electric power current. 3 Phase Electric Power is commonly used to power heavy loads and large motors. This form of electrical power is a type of multi phase system used in global electrical grids.

A Common 3 Phase Electricity problem.

Voltage Imbalance

Voltage imbalance is a common 3 Phase Current problem that often cause many motors to be badly damaged. Voltage Imbalances lead to an increase in temperature which lowers the performance and often causes premature failure. With Blowers and compressors, the heat will end up in the refrigerant and coolant. It must be removed that will even further decrease performance.

What can cause a Voltage Imbalance

A Voltage Imbalance may be caused by a variety of causes. A general thing to look for is melted wires, loose lugs and terminals, undersized wires, poor fuses etc. If you do not have the qualifications or the authority to open and inspect the open panels, it may be a good idea to call a qualified and certified electrician to inspect and look at the problem at hand and make the necessary fixes.