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New Electrical Installations

Electrical Setup Methods

Electricity is one of the greatest inventions in the world and has started a new and ever evolving age in technology. Everything in the world makes use of and is reliant on electricity and therefore, it is one of the first phases in the construction of buildings and facilities and can be seen as the veins of any building, transporting electricity throughout.

With electricity being such an important part of life in the modern age, it is important that any and all wires are fitted and installed correctly and that there are no damages or insulation issues.

Electrical wiring is transported throughout the buildings in tubes that are made out of either PVC or Steel. These tubes provide a protective cover against fire hazards and also allow greater organization of the internal wiring of the building. PVC tubes are light weight and cost effective and are available in various sizes depending on the amount of wires and the location of use.

The Steel Tubes are strong and weather resistant, capable to protect the delicate wiring from sun damage, water damage, fire and more and is often used in outdoor locations where needed.

Solar Power Installations and Servicing in Nelspruit

In an area that sees so much sunlight every day, going solar is a fantastic option for anyone who is keen on moving away from the unstable national power grid, and onto something that is a lot more reliable as well as affordable, in the long term.

Impala Plumbing and Electrical has been in business for many years, operating all throughout the Lowveld, and the Greater Mpumalanga area. We offer our clients an outstanding range of services designed to ensure that our clients are always in a position to get whatever service they need when they need it. As plumbers and electrical experts, we also offer our clients solar system installations and services.

Understanding that any home or business can switch quite easily from the electrical supply from the national power grid, to sustainable energy that you create yourself using your very own power converting devices, the sky is the limit.

Solar power has come a long way through the years, and even to this day, the systems and their related devices are being further developed to ensure that they are extremely efficient and able to safely convert power.

There are various systems available on the market and when you choose to work with a reputable company like ours, you can be sure that your system has been developed by some of the world’s best brands. We know how to correctly set up each of the solar systems we install and we can give you expert advice about how to use the system to your complete advantage.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Over the years the popularity of solar energy has soared. All around the world, but especially in sunny places like Nelspruit and elsewhere in Mpumalanga, solar energy is a reliable alternative option for anyone seeking a new way to access power. If you are considering adding solar energy to your property, whether it is a home or a business, these are the ways you will benefit.

  1. Long term investment
    A solar power system is a pricy investment initially, but over the long term, such a system is most certainly going be a valuable long term investment that will have you saving loads of money while also increasing the value of whichever property you have it on.
  1. Eco Friendly
    The term green energy is absolutely applicable in this case. You quite possibly won’t get an energy source that is as eco friendly as solar power, so when you have such a system installed, you will without a doubt been playing your part in helping the environment. That is not to say that solar power is not completely without a carbon footprint, but the emissions are far lower than they would otherwise be.
  1. No power outages
    Living in South Africa means that we are at constant risk of power outages, whether due to rolling blackouts or a basic failure in infrastructure. If you want one sure fire way to completely eliminate the chances of this happening. Not only does this make having solar power convenient but it also ensures that your business stays up and running.Even though you might think that making the switch over to solar power is going to be a difficult or mightily expensive hassle, we can help you make the move over to solar as stress free as possible. We work with the best brands in the world and we aim to guarantee our clients a fast and efficient service.

To get a quote or to discuss your options, you can contact Impala Plumbing and Electrical via our website or you can give us a phone call.