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Certificate of Compliance Etc. 4

A Certificate of Compliance is a certificate that is issued by registered plumbers that certifies that any and all plumbing work is compliant with all the regulatory installation requirements.

According to the Plumbing Industry Registration Board, a Certificate of Compliance must be licensed by a plumber who must self-certify his own work and issuing the certificate to the owner of the local business, home or company. After the Certificate of Compliance has been issued by the plumber, he/she claims ownership of the work done and can and will be held accountable for any and all work done.

A Certificate of Compliance is issued for most plumbing contracts and jobs when the projects exceed R1 500 with costs of materials included, whether materials were supplied by another person regardless. A Certificate of Compliance is to be issued within 5 days of the project being completed and must be issued by a certified Plumber. These Certificates are to be purchased only by qualified and certified plumbers, as it is illegal for Certificates to be issued to non-qualified plumbers or anyone who have not done any work under sufficient supervision.

Certified Plumbers are allowed to take on any plumbing works and are also allowed to supervise no qualified personnel and plumbers, however, the Certificate may not be issued to the unqualified individual.