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Swimming Pool Pumps

Why should you use a Pool Pump?

Pool pumps can be looked at as the heart of your swimming pool, similarly like the heart of a person or animal, the Pool Pump, pumps life into the pool, providing flow throughout and circulating the water to and from the filters.

Pool Pumps are used with a large variety of pool sizes and vary in strength depending on the size of the pool. Without the use of a pool pump, pool water becomes stagnant and can lead to polluted and algae ridden water. Which can form the breeding ground for bacteria, mosquitos and more.

What can cause electrical issues in Pool Pumps?

Pool Pumps are constantly in contact fluids which may cause short circuits to occur when there is a wire break and fluids come into contact. Motors may also jam up and can heat up and burn out that can cause electrical fires. Loose connectors can also cause your pump to turn on and off.

A common occurrence for electrical issues can be overloaded voltages that can cause surges, damaging your pumps.

Our Qualified and experienced electricians are able to assist in surveying, identifying and fixing the issue with little effort.