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DB Boards

What are DB Boards and what are they used for?

A Distribution Box is a gathering point of a building’s electrical wires that divides and supplies electrical power to subsidiary circuits. DB Boxes also acts as the primary electrical defence that protects any and all electrical devices from the threat of power surges and electrical leaks. Each one of the breakers provides a direct on and off switch to separate and control the flow of power throughout the building.

Each of the breakers are labelled to provide simple and organized access to the building’s electrical systems, allowing you to track where in the building an electrical issue is found.

The Setup and installation of a DB Board is a very intricate and precise job that must only taken on by professional and skilled electricians. A number of DB Boards can be located in a building, depending on the size of the building and the intricacy of the electrical grid. DB Boards must be located in areas that are easily accessible to all, in case of a dire situation or emergency, but also in a secure enough location to prevent any mischievous actions or sabotage from outside sources.