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Septic Tank Drainage

What are Septic Tanks?

Septic Tanks are large tanks that are made out of Concrete, Plastic or Fibreglass. These large Containment tanks are placed underground or out of the view of the public, as these containers are considered to be a major eye and nose sore. Septic Tanks are containers that gather wastewater from a variety of different sources that help treat the water by using processes to settle and separate solids and organics. The sludge that is left over is extracted and transported to an off site location to be disposed of properly.

How to the Septic Tanks transport waste?

Septic Tanks can basically seen as a very large attachment that is added to the plumbing system of a building or settlement. In more rural locations, Septic Tanks are not always extracted directly and are often transported via drainage pipes to a dumping site that is located a distance away from any settlement.

Septic Tanks are in many cases drained when it has reached its limit by large trucks containing tanks and pumps that are used to extract and store the sludge to be transported. All Septic Tanks have access holes that allow simple access to the inside and to easily extract the material within.