Insurance Covered Emergency Repairs and Maintenance

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Insurance Claims

With our stellar reputation for providing our clients with the best possible services, Impala Plumbing and Electrical has become the preferred company to supply a wide range of emergency services for clients covered by an insurance provider. We work with and are approved by just about all of South Africa’s insurance companies and in the last 10 years, we have successfully helped our insured clients receive the precise service that they need.

As an insurance provider company of choice, we work closely with the providers to ensure that the service we are supplying is in line with what the insurance company both expects and is willing to pay out for. All of our quotes are custom, created according to the precise needs of our clients while at the same time being suitable for the insurance provider in terms of what they are willing to process.

If you’d like to find out if our services are covered by your insurance, you can either give us a call or you can follow up with your provider. Keep in mind that the services that fall under insurance cover will generally be emergencies and repairs that are the result of a fault of some sort. Should you have a fault in your home or business and you need our services, we can come to where you are to give you the most accurate quote which you can then present to your insurer. Alternatively, should the situation be a dire emergency, you could instead have the issue resolved and then consult with your insurance afterwards.

For more information about this side of our work, you can contact our team and we will happily talk you through the various processes.