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Borehole Pumps

What is a borehole?

Boreholes are deep and narrow holes dug into the ground used specifically in detecting water and oil in locations where these resources are believed to be found underground.

What is a Borehole Pump?

Borehole pumps are specially designed and built pumps that extend pipes deep into the underground reservoir to slowly syphon up the water or oil to the surface so it can be used to provide to water near to the much needed above sources above water.

Bore Hole Pumps come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and strengths depending on the job it is needed for. In many cases Borehole pumps work in extreme situations and environments which may cause wear on the electrical systems as water and any other liquids can cause short circuits and wear to electrical devices.

Borehole Electrical Maintenance

Boreholes have an electrical control box that controls the power and pressure of the Borehole Pumps. In many cases, water may wear down the delicate wiring or corrode the control box, causing connection issues as well as frequent short circuits that may cause electrical leaks and endanger many people working in and around the borehole pumps.