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COVID Cleaning

Covid-19 came into the world with an impact, bringing the whole world to a total standstill. With the Virus being so infectious and able to survive in a variety of different environments, global safety regulations have been implemented to prevent the spread of this virus and to save as many people as possible.  The Covid Virus is able to spread over great distances and can live longer on metal than on wood and other more organic surfaces.

With many of the environments in our modern world being more metallic, the virus can live longer and infect people easier than more organic surfaces and materials.

Alcohol is one of the best methods to kill the virus and luckily alcohol is found in numerous cleaning products from hand sanitizer to disinfectants. Key areas that are prone to be infected by the virus include handrails, counter tops, door knobs, phones, toilets, keyboards and many more.

Our skilled and qualified staff disinfect themselves frequently while working on cleaning and disinfecting, come dressed in the correct cleaning attire, in the form of face masks, disposable gloves, glasses and cleaning gowns, all to protect the staff and from being infected by the Covid-19 Virus.