Save Water – Storage Tanks

Water Tank Installation Nelspruit

In our area, where rain is so scarce, having a water tank installed on your residential property or on your farm is a fantastic, sure-fire way to save water and save money.

While water storage tanks can be bought from all sorts of depots, they can be tricky to place. Not only do you have to take into consideration where you will place the tank while it is empty, but you also have to factor in the weight of the tank once it is full.

As water tank installation experts, Nelspruit residents as well as those in White River, Steelpoort, Komatipoort, Lydenburg, Malelane, Hazyview, Burgersfort, Barberton, and Sabie, can benefit from this fantastic service, which will become an advantageous addition to any property for years to come.

Water storage tanks have a really long lifespan, as they are made from immensely durable materials, and when installed properly, the quality of the tank will be vastly improved. These tanks are available in all shapes, sizes and colours, which means you can choose just how much water you’d like to keep stored.

These tanks can be used in the garden, to keep plants well watered, or they can be used to supply water to the home, for washing up and for flushing toilets.

But in order to have your tank properly set up, you need to work with the team that knows how to get the entire thing set up in such a way that the tank will be able to provide water to where you need it. This setup can be quite a complicated process, and it involves knowing exactly what is needed and what will work best.

This knowledge is something that really only comes from years of experience. And to minimise the hassle of installation as well as the uncertainty that comes with taking on this type of project, it really does pay to work with the professionals who know what they are doing.

Impala Plumbing and Electrical works with JoJo Tanks, as well as the other best water storage tanks manufactured by the leading industry providers, and the size availability ranges from 1 000 litres to a massive 10 000 litres.

To ensure installation success, we will not only discuss your every need and expectation with you before taking on the project, but we will also inspect the site on which you’d like to place the tank, to further ensure that the tank of your choice is suited to where you’d like to have it installed.

Our water storage tanks can be used for domestic, agricultural, industrial or commercial use. They are the ideal option for anyone wanting to use a tank, and since they are available in so many shapes and sizes, they can suit all needs, including the increasingly popular trend of rain water harvesting.

What is Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is the practice of collecting and storing rain water from roofs via guttering, and keeping it in tanks for future use. This is a widely used practice that is incredibly eco-friendly and money saving as you won’t need to be fully reliant on municipal water.

Remember, rain is FREE and it can be used for cleaning in the house, keeping the garden watered, for flushing toilets, for washing cars and to keep swimming pools and ponds full.

The water you collect can be stored for quite a long period of time and easily topped up whenever it rains.

Fully Integrated Water Harvesting system

We specialize in providing our clients with a fully integrated system which comprises of a combination of rain water harvesting and municipal water. This type of system will allow you to scale back your reliance on municipal water while at the same time giving you access to that same water supply when your rain water runs out.

When using rain water, it will still need to be filtered and sterilized before it can be used in the home.

If you are looking to include a water storage system in your Nelspruit home, we can assist you with an all-round service which includes advising you on the best system for you unique needs and doing the installation for you. We can provide any system you like, including a fully integrated system or a standalone tank that simply collects the water and allows you to use it as you please.

This service is excellent for businesses and industrial sites as well, and with our expertise we can quickly have you set up and ready for the rainy season.

For more information about what we can do for you, contact us via our website or give us a phone call.