General Maintenance

We have all your maintenance solutions

When things go wrong and you desperately need assistance in your home or business, we are the ones you can call on. At Impala Plumbing and Electrical, we might specialise our focus areas on plumbing and electrical work, but we go above and beyond for our clients, by also tackling emergency maintenance and repairs.

Our repairs include the maintenance related to burst water pipes and burst geysers, other types of water damage that has happened during an emergency, as well as tree felling, painting and tiling after an emergency situation, and more.

This unique approach to maintenance is ideal for those who are covered by home insurance, as we work with just about all insurance providers. This service is designed to take the stress off of your shoulders and allow you to get on with the more important things while we make your home, office or shopping centre units look as good as new.

Our basic repair service is also ideal for those quick fixes, which are basically those repairs that won’t take too much time to complete. We can be where you need us in less than a few hours, to ensure that the damage is prevented from going further while also quickly carrying out the repairs that need doing.

Emergency maintenance can be a rather stressful affair, especially when you are unsure about who you can call on. At Impala Plumbing and Electrical, we have assisted numerous locals as well as business owners and shopping centre managers take charge of these unexpected situations.

Within a business, any damage caused by emergency situations can damage a brand’s image or it can have a negative impact on the financial standing of the company, should such an issue result in the business to have to close for extended periods of time.

The pressure to carry out emergency repairs is not only felt by the property owners or those managing a rental, but also by the emergency team being called in. For this reason, you need to work with a team with a cool head, something that can only come from years of experience in not only the repair field, but also in the field of plumbing and electrics.

Plumbing repairs are the most commonly sought after by our clients. Plumbing emergency situations are messy affairs which can often result in broken tiles, walls being broken out in order to access pipes, broken ceilings due to water leaks, and possibly even broken basins and toilets.

Rather than letting the mess stay as is for extended periods of time, you can call on our highly experienced and skilled team to have it sorted out for you. We approach each project as unique and customise our services so that you not only receive the very best service but also the best possible prices.

We can come to where you are to give you a customised quotation before starting the project and should the budget extend beyond the estimate, we will discuss the costs with you before proceeding any further.

Much like plumbing repairs, when electrical wiring or plugs have a fault, it could result in ceilings being ripped out or walls being pulled apart. To get things neatly, and quickly, patched up again, it is vital that you choose to work with a company of highly skilled experts who know how to work in this kind of environment.

And like our plumbing emergency services, should you prefer it, we can first evaluate the repairs that are required and provide you with an estimate of the work that will need doing. This will allow you to plan your budget and determine when it would be most appropriate for the project to be done.

While some emergencies can’t be avoided, there are certain ways that you can prevent the number of emergency situations you will have to deal with. The most effective approach you can take is to ensure that you have created an easy to follow maintenance plan that will allow you to catch the issue before it becomes a massive problem.

From giving your walls a fresh coat of paint following an emergency situation, to matching your tiles or building you a new wall, Impala Plumbing and Electrical can help you improve the value of your property and have everything looking good as new.

Although plumbing repairs and electrical repairs and maintenance are our main focus, we also provide our clients with other services which include tree felling, the fixing of electric fencing and gate motors, door and lock repairs, and the repairs of burglar proofing. All of these services are designed to cater to those who have insurance coverage.

Our basic repair services are affordable and we are just a call away. Should you need more information, you can give us a call.