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Septic Tank Installations

What are Septic Tanks?

Septic Tanks are large tanks that are made out of a variety of materials from concrete, fibreglass and also plastic. Septic tanks are attached to the plumbing system of buildings and are used to gather wastewater for basic treatments. Septic Tanks contain chemicals and materials that settle and anaerobic processes reduce organic and solid materials. These processes are seen as moderate or the primary treatment of waste water.

Septic Tanks are located especially outside more rural areas as they actually act as their own septic treatment facilities.

Why are Septic Tanks important?

Septic Tanks are located in the underground and are used to contain any organic material that may have been flushed into the plumbing systems. Septic Tanks help to contain and condition sewage that is later then absorbed into the subsoil. Septic Tanks allow any solids to settle at the bottom while the cleaner water is further treated to be reused in other places like water for gardening and even, in many cases as drinking water.

The Sludge located after solids have gathered in the tanks are extracted by pumps and are exposed of in septic fields, a safe and effective way to get rid of sludge without having too much of an impact on nature